North-to-East Ramp

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The North-to-East Ramp (also known as Ramp NE), connecting the Northbound Dan Ryan (I-90/94) to Eastbound Ida B. Wells Drive (Ramp NE) was closed in the Spring of 2014 for the construction of the North-to-West Flyover Ramp. The ramp reopened with the adjacent Eastbound I-290 bridge in the fall of 2019.

North-to-East Flyover Ramp features include:

  • One lane with shoulders on each side
  • New signage
  • Improved lighting

The project extended from just north of Harrison Street, where the North-to-East Ramp diverges from the North-to-West Flyover Ramp and ended where the North-to-East Flyover Ramp tied into the Eastbound Ida B. Wells Drive Bridge.